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Video Reveals... A Fully Leveraged Referral Marketing Platform and State of the Art Crowd Funding Real Estate Investment Engine that Allows Average People to Invest in Resorts, Condos and Vacation Homes for as Little as $500...

...and, Earn Fixed 8% to 18% Returns (Depending on the project(s) you choose) Over Short 12 to 24 Month Terms. Yields that are Typically Reserved for People with Lot's of Capital, Steller Credit and Who are Willing to Tie up Their Investments for Many Years. This is Real Estate Investing for the Masses and a Referral Marketing Dream Come True!

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Leverage Our System and Compensation Plan and Scale Up to a Massive Multi Million Dollar Vacation Real Estate Portfolio in Just a Few Short Years!

The Pathway is SIMPLE...

  • 1. Invest Your Money and/or Commissions with a FIXED 8% to 18% ROI Backed by an SEC Regulated and Compliant Asset (Real Estate) and Scale to Ownership!
  • 2. Earn 5% Referral Fee on ALL Investments Funded.
  • 3. Earn Up to 50% Cash Back on Your Own Travel & Vacations and Over-Ride 7 levels!
  • 4. Duplicate the process by sharing this system with others to accelerate your earnings and fast track your way to vacation property ownership and rental income!
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So...What's The Catch?

There is no catch. We are global crowd funding vacation property investment fund. Instead of going to wall-street, big banks, accredited investors and rich friends, we are allowing average people to participate with small dollars. And, those dollars can be saved or earned through our system so that you are always playing with house money. The platform we are using to facilitate this opportunity is the very same platform that Cardone Capital has used to raise more than $800 MILLION dollars for Apartment Complex Investments in just a few short years. And now you get to leverage it for yourself!

Here is What You Get With this System!


Your MyResClub Travel Portal & App offers CASH-BACK on your travel expenses. Sometimes up to 50%. This money is deposited back to the same credit or debit card you used within 3 to 5 business days from the time of booking! Plus, you save Money on Restaurants, Entertainment and Miscellaneous Purchases in Your Home Town! Spend it any way you like, or better yet, roll it into your investments!

(Thousands in Value)

#2: Digital Copy of "Wealth as a Vacation."

Craig Shawn Williamson (Google His Name) is a Very Successful Realestate Developer with properties all around the world. In his book "Wealth As A Vacation" Craig takes you on a journey and outlines how you can start with little to no money and create lasting wealth.

($19.99 Value) on Amazon

#3: "Wealth as a Vacation"

Modeled after Craig's Book by the same name, this course helps you break down the process of Vacation Property Ownership into small chunks. After each module there is a quiz to help you integrate the information and become an expert in this field.

($295 Value)

#4: "Commit"

In this course, Craig breaks down the mindsets and habits that it takes to become the best version of yourself. As an Entrepreneur, an Investor, a Parent, Spouse, Family Member or Friend, this information will impact your entire life and take you to a whole new level! Apply it and you'll become that person who always "Get's $hit Done!

($395 Value)

#5: Back Office and E-Wallet Platform

Your back office suite tracks your entire business. From your Referral Affiliates, Travel Customers, Investors, Commissions and more... You'll always have your finger on the pulse. And you E-Wallet platform makes it easy to collect your commissions and move your funds as needed.

($19.50 Value)

#6: Marketing Websites with Automated Follow Up.

The marketing websites and automated follow up provided by MyResClub to all Referral Affiliates are 2nd to none. The sites you receive use direct response messaging to maximize your conversions, whether in a cold or warm market.

($Thousands in Potential Value)

#7: State of the Art Crowd Funding Real Estate Investment Engine.

This platform brings Real Estate investing to the masses. Anyone can begin their investment path and scale to full ownership of beautiful vacation rental properties and a lifetime of vacations and rental income!

($Value = Off the Charts!)

#8: Ongoing Mentorship.

You will have access to ongoing mentorship by millionaire and billionaire investors as well as multi-million dollar earners in the direct sales profession! You can attend our optional live events and/or weekly zoom presentations, investor calls, training and more...

($Value = Off the Charts!)

Valued at close to $1,000

Yours Today for Only $199 and $19.50 a Month.


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What Your Crowd Funding Real Estate Investment Engine Looks Like and How it Works! Real Estate Investing Just Became Available to the Masses!

We Love to Have Fun!

You have access to our optional live events where you can actually visit the very properties we are developing. This is a fun industry, centered around Travel, Vacations, Sound Investments & Helping Others.

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Meet Craig Shawn Williamson

Father, CEO of ResClub, Vacation/Travel & Investment Innovator,
Conscious Capitalist, Author, Speaker & Philanthropist.

"I Made It My Passion To Document The Exact Step By Step Process I Used To Grow a Massive Portfolio of Vacation Properties all Around the World!"

This is a System for EVERYONE. Not just the people who already have lots of money. The MyResClub Wealth System opens doors for the average person to build real & lasting wealth with a clear path to vacation property ownership starting from scratch.

Craig Shawn Williamson
Author & Co-Owner of MyResClub
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MyResClub Wealth System

Meet Alfie Best 

Billionaire Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & MyResClub Investor & Co-Owner

Common Questions 
Answered Here...

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MyResClub Wealth System

Note from Craig Shawn Williamson

In 2021 our company purchased a little over $47 Million dollars in vacation properties. In 2022 we are on track to purchase somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 Million dollars in vacation properties. And with the growth of MyResClub by making these investments available to the masses, well the sky is the limit!

The opportunity for you and your family with MyResClub is tremendous. This was designed for average people to participate with small dollars, over short terms and earn FIXED yields of 8% to 18%. And then scale those profits to actual ownership of 1 or more properties, providing you and your family with total financial freedom and a true legacy.

By offering average people this kind of opportunity also helps our business and our ability to scale our vacation real estate portfolio. It's a true win-win. So get started today.

You'll be glad you did!

Valued at close to $1,000

Yours Today for Only $199 and $19.50 a Month.


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