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Investing Made for EVERYONE!

Start with as little as $100 and become an investor in Resorts, Yachts, Private Jets, Private Islands, Condo's, Vacation Homes, Brand Name Restaurant Chains, Entertainment Venues & More...

And Earn a Jaw Dropping 8% to 24% FIXED Return Over Short 12 to 60 Month Terms, Depending on the Project(s) You Choose!

Your Journey Starts with the FREE 8ghtX App

The 8ghtX App is a first of it's kind banking platform, investment syndication hub and affiliate marketplace wrapped into one sleek interface. You can make deposits, withdrawals, investments, collect dividends, transfer funds and exchange crypto 24/7, 365 days a year!

You Get 2 Specific Cash Accounts
Inside of the 8ghtX App

8ghtX - D

The 8ghtX - D account is your "Deposit" account. This is where you deposit funds and tee them up for your investment(s). And these investments start with as little as $100 and pays up to 24% annually with dividends paid quarterly.

8ghtX - 8

The 8ghtX - 8 account is your 8% interest bearing account. If you're in between investments, you can place your funds into this account which pays 8% annual returns with dividends paid monthly. 

Invest in BIG real estate projects with SMALL dollars.

Your membership with 8ght automatically connects you with an array of ResClub Offerings. The returns are fixed, the yeilds are extraordinarily high and dividends are paid directly to your 8ghtX account. You can immediately pull those dividends or re-invest to grow your portfolio.

Investment Types

Invest to Earn

The 1st investment type is a simple invest to earn, where your initial investment can be for as little as $100. And you can continue to add to your investment and reinvest dividends to build towards ownership. 

Invest to Own

The 2nd is invest to own. This allows you to place a no-obligation reservation on condos and vacation homes which then provides you with the equity and All of the rental income. And since you own it, you can use it any time you want!

Hybrid Development

The 3rd investment type is our hybrid development projects where you have the opportunity to participate in what is called a waterfall event. At the end of the fixed terms, these waterfall events can be a staggering 1 to 1 or even a 2 to 1 return.

Do you need more cashflow/house-money to grow your investment portfolio even faster? 

Welcome to...

Free Travel Portal & App

It works just like Expedia, Travelocity or, only better. A lot better! Because when you book travel through your very own travel portal, you earn Up To 50% Cashback, paid to you in 3 to 5 business days, back to the card you used to book with.  

When you share the free Travel Portal and App with others, they will get up to 50% cashback just like you, and you earn 20% of their cashback for life. 

High End Physical Products

These high impact products are designed to help people look, feel and perform better. With over 175 beauty products, an array of physical enhancement products & a deluxe coffee line that feeds 3 hungry children with every bag purchased, we have something for everyone.

The Post to Profit System

There is no easier way to earn!

With each product line, you are given affiliate links. And with our Done-for-You professionally curated content, you can easily share on your social networks & post your way to profits with no selling and no recruiting. And, we build your team for you. This option allows you to generate income even faster to spend however you wish, or better yet, accelerate your own investment portfolio!

You will also have access to 8ght University, a growing library of courses and coaching taught by experienced investors, affiliate marketers, social media experts, branding gurus, direct response masters and more, all designed to give you the knowledge and tools to assist you on your very own 8ght “Way of Wealth.”


If you're willing to learn, we have the experts and the curriculum to help you level up your business and your personal life to new heights!

Ready for Vacation Real Estate Ownership?!


The goal within the 8ghtX App and Ecosystem is to build up a nest egg and move into actual ownership, where you get all of the equity and all of the rental income. That’s why we created 8ght-Finance. Our very own in-house finance option. And we carry up to 80% of the mortgage total for you. Backed by Sterling Global, a 9 Billion Dollar financial titan, this exclusive mortgage product is tailored for you and the 8ghtX platform!

And here is the best part...

As you refer others to the 8ghtX App and Ecosystem, you will earn 8% of your referrals investments for life. This includes their reinvestments. In other words, if they are in an investment with a 12 month term and they take their final dividend payment with principle and reinvest, you earn 8% again, over and over again. Even when they reinvest their dividends along the way!


Here is an example... 




Referral Fee


Paid to YOU!

Let's talk about the elephant in the room...

The big question a lot of people ask is...

1. How can you pay such high fixed rates of return?

The Capital Stack

Our Secret Weapon

Institutional lenders usually require 30% down for large developments like ours. As a company, we provide 10% down for company equity. 20% comes from our members and the other 70% is carried by Sterling Global as long term dept.


Let's break this down a little further so it sinks in...

Let’s say that ResClub is paying a fixed 15% yield on a particular project over a 12 month note. That 15% only comes from the 20%. Take into consideration the 10% that comes from ResClub and the 70% that comes from the banks at a 6 or 7% interest rate, that comes to around an 8.5% interest rate over all. And that actually lowers even more after the 12 month term ends and those high yields drop off.

Did you catch that?

It’s absolutely genius and it’s why ResClub can offer such high yields. And the yields are fixed! In other words, the returns are not susceptible to market volatility. If you go into a project with a 15% yield, you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and see that number drops to 8% because of what’s going on in the market.

Dividends are paid each quarter and on the final payment, you receive your dividend plus principle. You can then enter another project and keep bouncing that ball.


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